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Notebook pgs. 15-34 September 2, 2008

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I really liked how the author was telling the children to write lists about the 10 best things and worst things they have been through. Even though that can be hard for some children, I think she came up with some good ideas to help them with telling about their names. When I was younger, I was like Rex. I was never sure what to put. I was scared that I was going to put something that wasn’t right and the teacher would tell me I was wrong and make it a bad experience for me.

Also, in the article I liked when the author talks about how writer’s go back and want to rewrite or read things that they have already written. I can agree with that. That is what I do when I am writing stories or songs. I either add stuff to a story after reading part of it or change words around. That is especially true when I am writing songs. I go back and change lyrics around all the time. First it might sound good, but when you go back and look at the lyrics it might not make much sense and you move it or delete it.


Notebook Know-how August 29, 2008

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I really like this book so far. I think it gives a different side of writing that you wouldn’t think of. I always hated writing because all we did was grammar and write sentences. It was never stuff that we wanted to write about or learn, so I never really enjoyed writing. Now that I am older though I am starting to enjoy writing a lot. I love writing stories and songs. Writing helps me get out what is going on with me that day or how I am feeling that day.

I think the purpose of the writer’s notebook is to get children to write. I think it helps us learn how to write, but in a fun way. I think the writer’s notebook also let’s you express yourself without feeling stupid or ashamed. The writer’s notebook is you and your personality. No one is telling you what you have to write about, it is all you.

My goal as a teacher of writing is to let my student’s express themselves without being scared too. This how they can talk about experiences and how they are feeling today, without being told that is wrong you can’t write that. I want my student’s to feel comfortable about writing as well.

I really liked how the author launched the notebook in the class. I really liked that she was telling her students’ that she was writing in her notebook stories about them. This intrigued the students to want to share their stories and since they didn’t have time to tell their own, they could write it down in the notebook.

The organization of the notebook I think needs to be how the child can understand it and find things. Yes, you might want to read some entries from their notebook, but you don’t need to be the one to organize the book. I think the child should do that, so they can find their favorite entries on their own. If you wanted to help the students with the organization, you could do what the author did by telling them to use paper clips or post it notes.