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About Me!! September 16, 2008

My “me map” project is geared towards Kindergarten, 1st grade.  What I will have the students do is fill out the sections using pictures and sentences.  For kindergarten, since it would be at the beginning of the school year, probably just have them paste pictures to a page and have them tell why they put that picture on there.  For 1st grade i will probably have them use pictures as well, but put one or two sentences underneath the picture explaining it.

My name is Karen Wolski. I was born on September 10, 1986. I was born in Saratoga Springs, NY. My whole family is from the North and we moved down to South Carolina when I was 4 because my dad was in the Navy. When he got out of the navy we moved to Hickory, NC and have lived there ever since. I have a younger sister, Nicole, who is 19. I have two dogs named Odie and Snoopy. Odie is my dog and is 1 1/2 years old. He is a tri-color Australian shepherd/Basset Hound mix. Snoopy is my parents’ dog. He is a brown and black beagle mix and is 5 years old. In my free time I love hanging out with my friends and family.





What I like:

I like sports. My favorite sport is Football. My favorite teams are the Green Bay Packers and Appalachian State Mountaineers. I like sports because I get to spend time with my dad and we watch the games together.

I love to travel. I love traveling because every summer when I was growing up my grandparents would take my sister and I for 2 weeks with our cousins and we would get to explore different places. Each summer we would go somewhere new like Canada, Hawaii, North and South Dakota. I still love to travel to new places. Hopefully one day I can go to Europe and Australia.

My Grandfather and I in Canada

My Grandfather and I in Canada

I like reading. My favorite books are the Harry Potter books. I have read all 7 of them and I have seen all the movies that have come out so far. I like Harry Potter because it really opens a child’s imagination and can take you places you could only imagine.

I love music. I love just singing and dancing it puts me in a good mood.

I love snow. I love snow because I get to go sledding and school is usually out for the snow. I love building a snowman and catching snowflakes on my tongue. I love snowball fights with my friends. I also like watching the snowfall from the sky, while drinking hot chocolate because it is cold outside.

What I dislike:

I hate bananas. I don’t like bananas because I think they smell funny and the texture of a banana just taste really funny to me. Sometimes they can be really mushy and I really don’t like that.

I hate spiders. I don’t like them because they are really tiny and can crawl on you with out you knowing about it. They scare me.

I don’t like when it is icy outside. I don’t like it because I am clumsy and I fall a lot on the ice and I can get hurt.

I don’t like when my food touches. If my food touches and it doesn’t go together I won’t eat it.

I don’t like clowns.

What I look like:

I have brown hair.

I have green eyes, with brown around the center. When I was little though until very recently I had brown eyes. I can describe my eyes as being day and night. One minute they will be green with brown and the when my mood changes they can be a light green with red

I am 5’7 with an average build.

How I act (personality):

Clumsy- I am very clumsy. I walk into walls, tables, and trip over mats. I don’t mean too. It just happens.

Imaginative- I say that because I write stories. I use my imagination a lot when thinking of new ideas.

Reserved- I am kind of quiet and I keep to myself when you first meet me. After I open up though I am very energetic and crazy.

Energetic- I have a lot of energy and I get excited over the littlest things.

What you should know about me:

I love my family and friends. With out them in my life I would not know what to do.

I love board games and puzzles.

I am very hopeful. I like having a lot of hope in things, even though it seems like hope is lost.

I am a very loyal person. I will always be there for my friends no matter what. I am not the type of person to turn my back on my friends and people I know.


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