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pirates! September 12, 2008

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I loved the article on pirates.  I really liked how it was laid out and gives you specific examples of what you can do.  It also gives you details about a book and what grade you can use it in.  For example a pirate’s diary.  That is a 4th grade book and it tells a little bit about the book.  I loved the ideas of having the media in the classroom with this unit.  It reminds me of when i did a pirate unit last semester.  We had media, a interactive treasure map online, kwl, and we also were dressed up and gave our students materials to dress up as well.  We even came up with pirate names.  I am really really really excited about doing this pirate unit.  I love learning things about pirates and doing projects or lessons revolved around pirates.  What i really liked about the reading was the hand outs in the back.  I liked that hand outs included some pirate definitions, and a make up of a wanted poster.  With that you can have your kids make their own “wanted poster” and have them dress up like a pirate and put them as the “wanted person”.  I love little things like that.  I really think kids enjoy being involved in the unit.  The books that were mentioned in the unit are engaging for the students.  You can base so many lessons off of these books and have them explore and learn more about pirates through these books.  I am really excited about doing this pirate unit.  Hopefully one day i will get to do a big pirate unit and especially incorporate it with, “Talk like a pirate day” which is on September 19.


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