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My name September 3, 2008

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My first name is Karen and you can find it in the Danish, Norwegian, German, and English cultures.  Karen is short for Katherine in Danish.  Ever since the 1940s it has become a popular name in English.  It really intrigues me because most of my mom and dad’s sides of the family came from Germany.  My parents told me they picked my first name just because they liked it.  I also found out that my name is the 36th most popular name.

My last name is Wolski and it is over Polish descent.  The rest of my dad’s family that didn’t come from Germany came from Poland.  My grandparents told me that when my ancestor’s arrived in America that they shortened my last name to Wolski.  They can’t remember what it originally was from, but that it had been shortened.  You can tell when someone comes from Poland though or have had ancestor’s from Poland because of the ski at the end of the name.  Some people might spell it differently like cki, but if you hear a “ski” sound at the end of a last name more than likely they have had family come from Poland or around that area.

I also did find out that there are 5 other people in the United States with the name Karen Wolski.  This is odd to me.  I know Wolski isn’t a very common last name, so I was surprised when I found out that they had put the two names together for 5 other people.


5 Responses to “My name”

  1. Kasey Yow Says:

    I think it is really cool that you know so much about where your name came from. My last night was also shortned throughout the years, and we are not really sure why either! It would be really interesting if there was a way we could find out that information!

  2. mlehowl Says:

    Hey Karen! I really liked this activity and found it interesting as well! I found myself looking up other peoples names just for the heck of it after I researched my own. Thats cool that there are 5 other Karen Wolskis in the United States! 🙂

  3. jordanstone Says:

    That is really cool that ski and cki at the end of names is most likely symbolizing that the name is of Polish decent. I had no idea! And 36th most popular!? That’s crazy! 🙂

  4. iamoftenlaughing Says:

    That is surprising that there are 5 other people in the U.S. named Karen Wolski. I didn’t know that about the -ski at the end of a last name indicating Polish descent. It would be interesting to find out what “Wolski” was shortened from and why it was shortened when your ancestors came to America.

  5. sf70355 Says:

    Wow I can’t believe their are only 5 other people that have your name!

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